Our highly specialized DT Scanning unit provides extremely precise alignment for capturing film. Combined with the Phase One 150mp camera, we capture negatives or positives with highly accurate colour, tone and detail.

We use exclusively Golden Thread Targets to ensure meticulous colour reproduction and correct rendering of tones in the film.

We can capture 35mm through up to 8x10 film or glass plates.


Our Phase One 150mp camera with Blue Ring lenses is the most advanced capture device on the market. With fourteen stops of dynamic range, we have the technology to capture highlight and shadow details unattainable through any other scanning device.

We use 99 CRI photon lighting for absolute colour fidelity, allowing us to capture the full spectrum of colours in your film. This continuous light source far surpasses the limitations of drum scanners, flatbed scanners, and other comparable devices on the market.

Unlike other scanning technology, our system focuses on the film grain to guarantee the sharpest capture possible.

We calibrate our capture to the original film stock, rendering all the inherent characteristics of that film.

To achieve a larger output than is possible with a single capture, we break down the capture process into smaller bites (each at an extremely high resolution). These are then assembled to produce an exceptionally large file.