Max Width: 60” | Weight: 260gsm
| Finish: Pearl/Semigloss

Epson’s Premium Luster paper packs a punch as both the most versatile resin coated paper as well as the best value. Featuring a pearl/semigloss finish, this paper produces vivid, life-like images with accurate skin tones and striking shadow detail.

Max Width: 44” | Weight: 314gsm | Finish: Soft Gloss
Hands-down our favourite paper! This top of the line, barium sulphate-coated paper is the perfect choice if you want to sell or display your artwork. It’s 100% archival with the widest colour gamut we’ve encountered.

Max Width: 44” | Weight: 257gsm | Finish: Iridescent High Gloss
This silvery, glossy finish paper has a uniquely iridescent surface that imparts incredible depth to any image. Ideal for subjects with metallic qualities, such as automotive or industrial imagery, nightscapes, and seascapes.

Max Width: 64” | Weight: 315gsm | Finish: Soft Gloss
This paper has a surface texture with the look and feel of a traditional darkroom paper. As archival paper of exhibition and museum quality, it’s ideally suited for colour or B&W photography.