Max Width: 60” | Weight: 300gsm | Finish: Smooth Matte
Our favourite 100% cotton rag paper! Our extensive testing shows this paper offers an incredibly wide colour gamut with rich deep blacks. It’s the paper of choice for many professional photographers and visual artists.

Max Width: 60” | Weight: 305gsm | Finish: Textured Matte
This paper is identical to Hot Press Bright but with a pronounced texture, well suited to painterly or watercolour image reproduction. We do not recommend this paper for photographic portraits.

Max Width: 60” | Weight: 235gsm | Finish: Flat Matte
The ideal choice for those seeking an economical, bright white, matte surface. This paper lends itself perfectly to colour and B&W images, while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail.

Max Width: 44” | Weight: 308gsm | Finish: Smooth Matte
This smooth textured paper is 100% cotton with a bright white surface. It’s a well-rounded paper ideally suited for the photographic arts and art reproduction.

Max Width: 50” | Weight: 290gsm | Finish: Textured Matte
Our most textured paper with a natural white matte finish, made from 70% agave fibres and 30% cotton. It’s an eco-friendly and archival white paper that makes the perfect option for water-colour type surfaces.