Alupanel is an aluminum composite comprised of two ultra-thin 0.3mm aluminum panels sandwiched around a polyethylene core. Alupanel is lightweight, rigid, and will not delaminate or warp, making it a perfect permanent fine art mounting solution for photographs or artwork. Prints mounted to Alupanel will have a greater smoothness than other substrates, making this a much better choice for gloss prints where surface imperfections show through more easily. We also coat your print with either a matte or glossy UV laminate to ensure the longevity of your print and protect it against environmental contaminants. Each completed piece is supplied with an aluminum sub-frame—making it easy to hang and providing additional rigidity and support against warping. This sub-frame also provides a visible space between the mounted work and the wall, giving a three-dimensional “floating” effect.

Foam Core

Foam board is a core of inert, CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) free and acid free polystyrene foam to which paper liners have been laminated on both sides. It is feather light, rigid, warp resistant and easy to cut. It is a lamination of foam and smooth surface, clay coated, paper stock. Acid free papers, boards, textiles etc. can be laminated to the surface by either wet or dry mounting techniques. We don’t recommend it for gallery exhibition or high traffic areas due to the fragility of the corners. This material does dent easily, so careful handling is required. Available in either solid black or solid white panels.

Ultra Mount

Ultra Mount is a lightweight structural panel consisting of white 18 pt. poly coated kraft paper facers and a white extruded polystyrene core. The foam and facers are permanently bonded together. The combination of Ultra Mount’s high density core and thick poly-coated surface results in a warp free board that will maintain its exceptionally smooth surface finish after the photo mounting process is complete.